About destroying …

… and building up –

German concrete – grey and hostile to life. It’ll suffocate any promising plantlet of education there is. Unflinching solidity in public – this the state school monopoly draws from a linguistic sleight of hand. DEUTSCHE VERSION

This equates “going to school” with “learning”. This artifice seems to suggest that the one isn’t possible without the other. But that is as wrong as can be. You will realise this as soon as you glance at the billion-Euros market of private tutoring in this country.

Outside a school building we learn what we need for life – inside a school building we learn what the state wants his subjects to be like. The sheer mentality of subjects of the state is the ticket to ruin. School of coercion destroys!

The catastrophic results of warped pedagogy and unscrupulous ideology are surfacing by and large. Relying completely on a system of school monopoly has led our country to the brink of educational bankruptcy. In this way our future is gambled away – a future that is in need of flexible minds and empathetic hearts.

On the other hand, learning in the home is the model of the future – as it has been the model of times past. All over the world learning in liberty generates top-rate performance – educational freedom builds up!

“A noticeable call to obligation”

Only in Germany that mustn’t be. Whoever scratches at the educational monopoly of the state must be punished. Our politicians sing from the same hymn sheet as our judges – and vice versa. Well-behaved civil servants only do their job (we’ve already had that here, haven’t we?) in order that everything will remain as it is.

Monday, August 27, there’ll be another trial – the ninth in nine years. Once again the authorities will be pretending that it’s only about chronic truants who need a shot across the bows to stop acting “unlawfully”. The very same judge justified his punishment last time by saying: The “imposed fine is a noticeable call to obligation to the aggrieved party to take heed of the bans and rules and stop putting themselves above the effective legal order of the land.”

In truth this is only the pre-stage to a criminal case. Four years ago it became clear where that can lead to. When will there be a voice of any weight in this country that will loudly and clearly demand, “Stop this, it’s digusting! Leave those homeschoolers alone!”? Voices there are, indeed. But those for whom they are meant, are pretending to be deaf. Still, they think that there is more to lose if they gave in. How far they are off the mark!

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