No really authoritarian government can tolerate citizens who have absolute values and are able to evaluate the arbitrary absolutes, and because of their absolute values freely voice their opinion and act accordingly. (…)
The neglect of resolute action against the upcoming of an authoritarian government represents a decision for it. (Francis A. Schaeffer, “How then should we live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture”)

The totalitarian-style enforcement of compulsory schooling in Germany has been affecting us personally – for more than forteen years now. This and our own positive experience with homeschooling have made us all the more certain: Learning in liberty is the best for our children, for the families who are confident they can do it, and for our country. For that reason we want to constitute a counterbalance to the ignorance, the self-righteousness and the deeply-rooted prejudices, with which this educational alternative is being battled in our country. This is not about our case only. We want to keep our focus on the bigger picture.

Fact is: There are very good reasons to hand the decision about education back into the hands of families. It’s there where it is normally best kept safe.

Learning in liberty is a viable option

– also in Germany and in our time. All that’s necessary is the wish to do it. All countries where homeschooling is legal are proof of this. The ruling state monopoly in education, that we’ve been made accustomed to in many generations, is not wisedom’s final word. In the same way forced schooling is NOT – as is always held – fixed in our constitution.

Only then will there be a change when the truth behind the hundertfold lies and prejudices arises to the light. The “Blaue Brief” wishes to contribute to this end.

“Der Blaue Brief” is in no way affiliated with one or more organisations who speak up for homeschooling in our country. Rather this weblog is a financially and organisationally independent publication. However, donations for our running costs are welcome.

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