Eric Holder’s persecution of German homeschoolers

article by Janeen Capizola –

Radio host Glenn Beck has pledged $50,000 to the legal defense fund of a German Evangelical Christian family the Obama administration is trying to deport after they fled Germany to the U.S. for the freedom to homeschool their six children.

Beck promised to donate the money to the Romeike family during an interview with the family’s attorney this past Monday. Beck “characterized the story as ‘nothing more un-American than this,’ the Blaze reported.

The Romeike family sought and received political asylum in America in 2010 after being prosecuted and heavily fined in Germany for homeschooling their children, which is against the law in Germany.

But now, the administration is trying to send the Romeike’s back to Germany where they will surely lose custody of their children if they don’t send them to public school, Fox News reported.


“The Obama administration’s view is that individual liberty is not a valid basis for a political asylum claim for homeschooling,” Michael Farris from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association told Fox & Friends during a recent interview.

Farris said he blames Attorney General Eric Holder for pursuing the prosecution of this family who is attempting to legally stay in the U.S.

I can’t figure out any good reason why in the midst of controversy over 11 million illegal immigrants and the release of the prisoners [due to sequestration cuts]…I don’t get why they want to deport this one German family. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Farris will represent the family before the Sixth Circuit court of appeals on April 23.

On Monday, Beck discussed the case on his radio show, saying, “the Romeike’s story greatly mirrored that of the earliest American settlers,” the Blaze reported. “Beck said that the idea of deporting the Romeikes flies in the face of everything that the U.S. stands for.”

source: BIZPAC review, March 23, 2013

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