Forced schooling a violation of parental rights

In Germany a strong wind of state-run intolerance against its citizens is blowing. This shows not least in the judicial persecution of homeschooling. The disproportionate punishing of parents who keep their children away from certain school-educational content is among this as well.

The state-practised ban on homeschooling is paramount in a petition on human rights violations which the “Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians” handed in at the United Nations beginning of October.

Position number two in the “Shadow Report on Germany” is reserved for the exceptionless compulsion to have your children “sex educated” at German schools. Forced onto parents by penalty this is another kind of human rights violation which the non-government-organisation is bringing to the attention of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

State-propagated intolerance and discrimination

The prohibition of any alternative to state-run school is violating  the right of parents to decide about their children’s education. The Vienna observatory holds against the German state that it keeps punishing parents who opt for homeschooling. This option is taken for granted in other countries.

The human rights report expressly points out the law-historic roots of forced schooling that date back to the Nazi-era and its “School Law of the [Third] Reich” of 1938. In 2006 a UN-Special Commission had already reprimanded the “penalisation of homeschooling” in Germany. However, since then nothing has changed as far as the state practice of punishing homeschoolers is concerned.

Intolerance and discrimination decreed by the state have an impact on a special dimension of coerced schooling. It is this the enforcement of “education” of children in matters of sex. Parents who refuse to have this done by the schools have repeatedly been heavily punished – up to the point of jail sentences to make them pay their fines – although those children take part at regular school lessons. This state behavior is also critised in the petition as a violation of parental rights.

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