Pope Promotes Homeschooling

Vatican criticises state indoctrination of children –

You may be thinking about the Catholic Church whatever you want to: you may dislike their doctrine, despise their rites and hold their representatives to be a band of religious showmen.  But beginning of May the leader of the world’s largest single church wholeheartedly campaigned for homeschooling on an international level. deutsche Version

Mind you, the Vatican claims to be representing almost one fifth of humanity. No other organisation or religious institution is able to get so much weight onto the scales. It is exactly this establishment that is advocating parents to have the right to educate their children at home. What’s more, the Pope’s envoy said states should accept parents’ decision on the kind of education for their children and refrain from all attempts at indoctrinating them.

The statement hasn’t been directed at a specific country. Yet the high-ranking representative of the Pope has made it crystal clear in front of the United Nations who he’s talking about: “For some time now, my delegation has noticed a disconcerting trend, namely, the desire on the part of some to downplay the role of parents in the upbringing of their children,” Archbishop Francis A. Chullikat let himself be heard in New York, “as if to suggest somehow that it is [education] not the role of parents, but that of the State.”

Chullikat is characterising precisely the situation of education in Germany. Parents homeschooling their children instead of entrusting them to the state can tell you a thing or two about the high-handedness of public authorities. They notoriously claim to be the ‘better parents’, knowing exactly what is best for the child and, for that reason, for society. A suchlike demeanor – being implemented by force in the case of unruliness – distinguishes everyone who is holding stock in the bureacratic-paedagogic complex.

The suppression of freedom of education in our country is marked by a duality: On the one hand you get the right and the obligation of parents – which the Pope is pointing out here – to decide on the education of their children. Freedom is necessary in order to actually exercise this right. On the other hand you have the determination of the German ruling elite not to allow this freedom of choice. With clever-sounding judicial arguments and in a manner of know-it-all every competition to forced school attendance is categorically ruled out.

Even if the Vatican may not have to say much for many in this country: Its merit is to illuminate a polarity, namely that of freedom and force. The fight against homeschooling has to be ranked among this contradiction. The Pope has taken a firm stand for freedom and justice. At the same time he is admonishing the German state to the likes of North Korea and Cuba. That hurts. Understandably politicians and the media are maintaining silence about this.

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