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  • I am interested in finding out how to homeschool in Germany. We are a Canadian Family and have successfully homeschooled for 3 years, because our children have special needs. Now we are faced with a huge, inflexible barrier, refusing the help our children need, but not offering anything in return.

    Such a huge part of the world is in favour, so there must be a way to be able to get around the issues that Germany has about homeschooling! As far as I can see, the teachers here are (mostly) nothing to brag about, so why not let the parents, who admittedly have a vested interest in their children, have a go at it?

    • You’ve got a good argument, pinpointing what’s so frustrating about the German system: There simply seems to be no way to homeschool here. In a highly regulated industrialized nation like Germany you cannot circumvent the bureaucracy that says ‘No’. Although our constitution DOES make provisions for the freedom of parents to educate their own children, German politics and our judiciary don’t want this to happen.
      You always have to bear in mind that this IS NOT a ‘free’ nation. Rather, our elite (and not only they) are obsessed by the wish to control everyone and everything – in the name of ‘security’. Freedom of parents, their children and their families, is the LAST thing on the agenda.
      This has to do a lot with our status of a ‘failed’ state, nationwise: having been utterly subdued by so-called ‘allies’ in two wars. Thus, with a broken backbone you better not let things ‘get out of hand’ once more (this, as our elite perceives it, could be the case if they allowed homeschooling).

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