School of coercion – a price too high

For most people in our country having to go to school appears to be a law of nature. It would never come to your mind to dispute something like that. No young person in Germay can escape the bondage for years on end of having to be at a certain time and place together with others of a certain age, dealing with certain teaching and learning content. deutsche Version

The individual simply doesn’t have an alternative to placing a set amount of his time at the disposal of the state: day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year – at least until ten years have elapsed. It doesn’t matter if it suits him or not! The possibilities which the German state concedes (change of school, private school, change of class) will only momentarily shift the outward appearance of all this.

A system of coercion

But as soon as you challenge place, content or the persons who are supposed to convey ‘education’, the obsessiveness of the whole idea is revealed. From civil penalties and monetary fines, expropriation and deprivation of liberty to the withdrawal of parental custody: our state possesses a comprehensive arsenal of means with which to enforce his will on how children must grow up – excluding their parents’ instruction. You may argue that there are situations when the individual has to be forced to what’s good for him or her. But no one will ever tell you what the alleged ‘goodness’ only school is able to convey, consists of. What actually is the ‘good thing’ that justifies every use of force – apart from the so ‘good’ school trips they always talk about?

When asking for a precise answer, all you will harvest is big silence – except for a handful of superficial, unconvincing claims. The only thing which school has to offer in the end, the only trump card which is (still) able to do the trick, is – after ten years – drawing up an ‘accepted’ document. At the same time this is the most effective means of pressure to bring to heel parents and students.

An educational deal of sorts

The ‘educational deal’ by the state is about ten years of oppressive part-time confinement for a door opener into the professional world … This price is clearly to high! Nothing which is learned at an ordinary school can’t be learned somewhere else – in another, often more effective way. Not only is coerced schooling unable to cogently justify its upkeep. What’s more, a look at the true performance of conventional schools points out something else: Schooling by force is simply damaging!


  • I’m so glad to find your blog. I have followed your story for years and am glad that you persevere. God bless you and your family, as you labor on behalf of your children and the children of Germany.

  • I couldn’t agree more! Public school was absolutely damaging to our own daughter. Because of her specific learning style and needs, she was made to feel inferior and suffer frustration with her inability to learn through the mode of teaching that is customary at public schools. Only once we began homeschooling was she able to experience success in all subjects, to the point of proclaiming, “I AM smart!” That was after only one year of homeschooling. She is now, eight years later, a confident, intelligent, eager to learn young woman.

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