Boy (15) punished for homeschooling

A 15-year-old has been ordered to pay a fine of 75 US-Dollars by the authorities in the German state of Hessia for not going to school. The youth, who had tried in vain to be accepted into a final class in order to acquire a school leaving certificate, has never been at a public school. deutsche Version

Now in his tenth year of being home schooled, the student is well advanced academically before his age group.

The authorities couldn’t care less

“He has to go to ninth grade of a German school”, the legal representative of the local school office keeps insisting, “This is the only place fitting for his age.” Interestingly, the same school that had turned down the boy, had accepted his two elder brothers who had also been homeschooled up to grade ten. Both finished school at the state-run institution with straight A’s and ‘year’s best’. “We don’t want this to happen again”, the school’s principal has been quoted. “Those homeschooled pupils bring mischief to our school.” A court will still have to decide on the case, a date has not been fixed yet. The boy’s family has been entangled in legal cases about their homeschooling for over twelve years now.

The date for a court hearing has been scheduled for November 19, 2012

2 comments for “Boy (15) punished for homeschooling

  1. Holly Hoffman
    2. August 2012 at 02:55

    Hello! Keep going! Look at how God has given your family strength, courage and a good education. Fifteen years of faithful teaching and sacrifice will not be in vain. May God continue to supply your every need and hear your every prayer!

  2. Ernst Schrödl
    3. Juli 2012 at 19:17

    Ich befasse mich nun schon seit Jahren mit Homeschooling. Mein Ergebnis:
    1. Ich schließe mich Prof. Dr. V. Ladenthin an: Pädagogische Fragen gehören pädagogisch gelöst, und füge hinzu: und nicht mithilfe dubioser Gesetze.
    2. Die Gesetze, die die Schulpflicht betreffen, bilden ein wirres Knäuel, das eindeutig zu Lasten der Kinder geht. Die Kinder sind die Leidtragenden dieser verfehlten Gesetzgebung. Gesetze gegen das Wohl der Kinder zu erlassen, ist barbarisch.
    3. Wer vor den Kadi gehört, sind Gesetzgeber und Justiz.

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